Dominique Lyon


Trained under Jean Nouvel and Frank O. Gehry, Dominique Lyon founded his own firm in Paris in 1987 with Pierre du Besset.Constructionoffers him an opportunity to undertake an overview of his projects thus far (whether built or not), from the Maison de la Villette and the headquarters of Le Monde newspaper to the Tangier ferry terminal and the French embassy in Tokyo, by way of the French pavilion for the Seville World’s Fair and the multimedia libraries of Orleans and Troyes. Dominique Lyon défends in this book a decidedly critical position, supported by an uninterrupted conversation with the real...

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Theme(s): Architecture
Language(s): English, French
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Through experience, Dominique Lyon has learned an architectural pragmatism based on a very strict analysis of the elements specific to each situation (subject, client, budget, program and the normative, political, social and cultural context). Facing the tensions, absurdities and the triteness of the real, the architect relies on words, the only material up to the task of bringing all the complexity of his projects to the surface. Wrecker of convention and authoritative metadiscourse, which merely generate consensual, misinformed and repetitive architecture, In this book he outlines his method of architectural conception.


  • 25,00 €
  • Language(s): English, French
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