11 écoles d’architecture

Following the 2001 exhibition of 12 European schools of architecture and in relation to the Archilab event, the FRAC Centre presents works by students of 11 schools of architecture from all over the world (France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Great-Britain, Japan and China).

Theme(s): Architecture
Language(s): French


In this book, the projects which are presented question the relationship between architecture and its environment, and broach among others notions those of sustainable development, urban recycling, strategies of integration into the territory (disappearance, mutation, etc.) and interaction between architecture and its context. This catalogue was published as part of Archilab 2002.


  • Language(s): French
  • Nombre de pages: 84
  • Couleur(s): quadrichromie
  • Type de reliure: broché