Le Symbole d'Hécate

Jean-Claude Dumoncel

Between Proust and Deleuze is brewing a history of signs that Jean-Claude Dumoncel reveals to us by opening up an original way of analysis: starting from conceptual instruments that were brought out by Deleuze, he exposes the Proustian formal schemes through two major contemporary philosophers: Gabriel Tarde and Henri Bergson...

Collection: Ressources
Theme(s): Philosophie
Language(s): French
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Dumoncel's book is unclassifiable: a philosophical inquiry springing from literary critique, it twists the figures of Proust and Deleuze in a text that could as much be a parable as a delightful digression on the inner workings of the philosophical novel. Jean-Claude Dumoncel is a philosopher and a mathematician. His PhD thesis dealt with the Whitehead system and analytic philosophy. He published several books, among which on Wittgenstein (Le jeu de Wittgenstein; essai sur la Mathesis Universalis, PUF, 1991). He teaches the History of Mathematics at the University of Caen, and contributes to the review of aesthetics and contemporary art Exposé.


  • 14,48 €
  • Language(s): French
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